3 functional home renovations

Sometimes when we think about doing renovation work to our homes, we think about the visual end result: those gorgeous tile finishes and stunning new light fixtures, shiny faucets and fresh paint. We love those parts as much as anyone else, but there’s another element to renovations that’s just as important: improving the function of your home. After all, if it looks good but makes for awkward use of the space, what’s the point?

Here are a few home renovation ideas that add great function as well as form. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Mudrooms, foyers, laundry rooms and more

While principal rooms are important, there are probably some other high traffic areas of your home that need attention. Think about your front entrance (or side entrance or garage door, if that’s how your family enters and exits your home). Does it have great function and flow, or could it be better? You don’t need to live with piles of shoes in every corner or backpacks strewn all over the front hall. Our team excels at creating spaces that work for your family and offer great storage solutions. This might mean cubbies for each family member, closed cupboards or open shelving, more closet space or a different layout. The same goes for laundry rooms and other small yet busy areas – don’t overlook the amazing opportunities a small renovation can create!

The heart of the home

We all want a stunning kitchen, and we all NEED a functional kitchen. When we plan a kitchen reno with our clients, we make sure both things happen. An island with storage or outlets integrated into the base, deep drawers instead of old-school lower cupboards, extra tall cabinets, a place to display your serveware (or hide it), and the perfect work triangle to make cooking a treat. Want a coffee bar, a wet bar or a family-sized pantry? Let’s talk about your needs and then create something just right.

Storage, storage, storage

So, have we mentioned storage yet? Right…but let’s say it again, because it’s something no homeowner has ever complained about having too much of. Closets, basements, home offices and more – where could you use a little less clutter and a little more storage? Let us know and we’ll make some magic happen.

If you’re ready to make your home beautiful and more functional, please give me (Vince) a call at 416-562-2387. I’d be pleased to offer a free consultation and quote. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!