Better service – our promise to you (and why it matters)

When you invite someone into your home to complete a renovation project, there’s a lot of trust involved. My team and I understand this, and we take our position very seriously. This isn’t just about the quality of our work and craftsmanship – that’s important, but it’s only one element involved in hiring a contractor. There also needs to be a good working relationship that’s based on transparency, communication and respect. Homeowners need to know what’s happening at all times and understand their options. They should also feel comfortable in their homes, no matter what stage a reno is in.

Respecting your home

When my team works on a project in a customer’s house, we don’t treat it like a work site – we treat it like a home. This means offering the same respect and care we’d like to see in our own homes (and maybe a bit extra)! Before we get started, we make a point to protect the floors, cover stairs and make sure your furniture won’t be damaged as things are moved in and out of the space. It’s normal for us to wrap up lampshades and other fixtures so they stay clean and covered during the renovation.

We leave the space clean every night so you can see the progress we’ve made and feel comfortable walking around. Your home shouldn’t feel like a danger zone – we may mark off areas that are incomplete but otherwise, you should be able to live as normally as possible during your renovation. There won’t be tools and garbage left lying around or nails on the floor – that’s not our style. Your home will still feel like your home – and when we’re done, it will look better than ever!

Reliability matters

Respect isn’t just about keeping your home clean and comfortable – it’s about showing up on time and being considerate while working in your house. Everyone who works with Kitchen and Bath Guys is courteous, informative and aligned with our customer service values. We’ll be there when we say we will, do a good job, leave the site clean and be professional every step of the way.

We tell customers we offer a premium level of service, and it’s true – but for my team, it’s just the way we believe things should be done. To learn more or get a quote for your project, please call me (Vince) at 416-562-2387.