Have you saved money over the last six months? Let’s plan a reno.

We’ve all been on a pretty wild ride since March and as fall approaches, we hope you’re doing well. Whether it’s back to school season in your household or you’re getting ready to hit the online classroom, it’s a busy time for families with school-aged children. Even if you don’t have kids, life is busy! We hope everyone was able to find some normalcy and enjoy summer.

Let’s talk about renos. The pandemic has affected family finances in a few different ways. For some, it has created significant struggle as jobs were lost or hours were reduced. As a small business owner who had to shut down operations for some time, we understand this and empathize with anyone in a difficult situation. 

However, for other families, there’s been an unexpected silver lining. If you’ve retained your income and found yourself spending less while staying home, you may have built up some savings over the past six months. Less socializing, no big vacations to pay for, fewer extracurriculars or summer camps for kids…this can make a huge difference and it’s a fantastic opportunity, particularly if you’re a homeowner. 

Put your piggy bank to good use

If you’ve got a bit of money set aside, let’s talk about what your family needs. A bigger, more functional kitchen? A beautifully remodeled bathroom? An incredible home office, or maybe an in-law suite or new rec room in the basement? Or, are you hoping to give your home an aesthetic makeover before hunkering down for the winter? Whatever it is, we can help.

If you’d like to discuss your home renovation, please give me (Vince) a call at 416-562-2387. I’d be pleased to offer a complimentary consultation and quote for your project. Thanks for reading, and take care!