How hard is it to remove walls in my home?

Open concept design has been in demand for years and continues to be on trend with homeowners. A spacious, open kitchen with a large island and a view of the living room? Nearly everyone wants one, and our team has done countless renovations with this goal in mind. Still, the idea can be daunting to someone with limited renovation experience – this is why we receive so many inquiries about the process and cost of removing walls. Today, we’ll walk you through the basics – if you have any questions or would like to arrange a consultation for your potential reno, please let us know!

Getting started

As experienced contractors, our team can usually tell if a wall is load-bearing or not without having to open anything up. This is done by assessing location as well as structural items such as joists and the home’s foundation. What you want is to hear after this assessment is the word “no” as a load-bearing wall is much more complicated to remove than a non-load-bearing wall is.

Once we’ve had a look at the current layout and listened to your vision for renovating the space, we can give you an estimate of the cost to complete your project. The final cost will depend on the details – for example, what you’d like to create once the wall itself is gone – but an estimate of the wall removal cost is fairly straightforward.

Next steps

When a homeowner decides to go ahead and remove a wall, our team will obtain an engineer’s report and permit on your behalf. Not every contractor or builder you speak to will recommend these steps, but we know that it’s critical for a number of reasons. An engineer’s report will ensure that we have all the information we need and additionally, having one looks good if you decide to sell your house in future (essentially, it shows that you didn’t cut corners). The cost of an engineer’s report can be around $900-1200 and is well worth the investment. A permit is not expensive (under $150 in most municipalities) and guarantees that the city is aware of and in support of your project.

All in, factoring in the cost of the engineer’s report, the permit and our team’s time managing the request and execution of these items, you’re looking at approximately $2k for this part of your renovation. If that number seems high, remember this – not getting an engineer’s report or permit can cost you a lot more down the road. It’s always better to do things right the first time – in fact, it’s the only way we work.

Once this technical and administrative element is complete, we get to the fun stuff: designing and building your open concept space. This is when you get to select the layout, cabinetry, hardware and tile as well as your flooring and finishing touches. We are skilled at helping homeowners get the look they want on a budget that works for them without sacrificing quality. Our team can collaborate with you or your interior designer, or we can help lead the way by presenting you with a variety of suggestions and aesthetic options. In the end, you’ll have a space you’ll love and enjoy for years to come!

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