Beautiful renovated basement

How has the pandemic impacted home renovation trends?

You may have heard that a lot of Canadians have been taking on home renovations during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s true — spending all of this time at home has led many families to make improvements, from repairs or cosmetic upgrades to full scale renovations. It’s not a bad idea —now is actually a great time to focus on your house, since you’ve had the opportunity to appreciate its best qualities and recognize its flaws. 

Naturally, we’ve begun to see some trends in the types of projects clients are requesting in recent months. Today, we’d like to share these observations — they may inspire your next home improvement.

In demand renovation projects

Solution for kitchen corner cupboard storage.

Right now, we’re seeing a lot of requests for custom workout spaces, particularly as community centres and gyms remain closed (and upon reopening, will likely open at reduced capacity). Even in a small space, our team can create a fantastic home gym that meets your needs and motivates you to stay fit. Many families have decided to finish their basements, creating rec rooms or “man caves” or even adding home office space. Home offices in general are a popular project right now as many Canadians plan on working from home indefinitely (or at least more often). We’re also seeing functional requests such as added storage and organization, and of course, those beautiful kitchen and bathroom makeovers we’re known for. No matter what sort of renovation you have in mind, we can make it happen on time and on budget.

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