How to make a home more accessible for seniors

Sometimes, a home is perfect – the right location, size and style – and then, years go by and life changes. As people age, their needs often evolve. They may have new challenges related to bathing, cooking or mobility, for example, and consider downsizing their home to something more senior-friendly.

Downsizing is a great option for some (and as a realtor, I can help you out). That said, many seniors prefer to stay in their own home for as long as possible. And why shouldn’t they? With a few tweaks, we can make any home comfortable and safe for an older individual. Here are some tips and tricks to make a home more accessible for seniors.

The ins and outs

If your home has exterior steps or stairs, it may create a problem for those who struggle with balance or use an assistive mobility device (for example, a walker or wheelchair). Consider adding a ramp or other solution to make your front entrance and backyard more accessible. Similarly, interior doorways can often be widened to accommodate these devices.

Safety first

Small changes can add a lot of safety and security to your home. One of the most common areas we address is the bathroom. Consider upgrading to a walk-in shower (ideally, one with no curb) and adding grab bars wherever necessary. We can also install toilet risers, bath seats and other accessibility features. When you have a consultation with our team, we can assess your needs and make personalized recommendations.

Stay in the home you love

If you want to downsize, we say go for it – but if you want to live in your current home safely and happily, we can help you make it happen. In fact, you might even qualify for a tax credit. To learn more about renovating your home to meet your family’s needs, please call me (Vince) at 416-562-2387 or email