Mudroom makeover ideas

A mudroom is one of those small but mighty spaces that can add something really special to your home. It functions as a transitional area between inside and outdoors, and it can be anything from a spacious hallway to a full-sized room with space to spare. A mudroom can be connected to your garage or side door, or be located at the back of a home. Every family uses this “bonus space” a little differently, but there are common perks: more storage, better organization and a cleaner, tidier home. Here are a few benefits and recommendations to consider when upgrading the mudroom in your home.

Personalized storage features

The best part about redesigning a mudroom is being able to customize every feature to your family’s needs and preferences. Think about how you use the space (and how you want to use it) while making decisions. You might want floor to ceiling cabinets, open storage, locker-style cubbies or a combination of these elements. Many families have children with plenty of shoes, outerwear and more. Some households have pets to consider and may want to leave space for a dog crate, food and water dishes or a litter box. You can create special storage for shoes, cleaning supplies, backpacks or even your vacuum – whatever works! A mudroom is also a great space to add a pantry or even a second refrigerator, if there’s enough room for that.

While some mudrooms are used primarily as storage space or second entrance, others double as a laundry room. If this is the case in your house, make sure to add a large sink and perhaps a folding area. Room for your laundry hampers is a must, and you may want a designated area to dry clothing that can’t go in the dryer, such as a built-in or portable hanging rack.

Show some personality

Now that you’ve figured out what’s going in your mudroom, you can decide what it’s going to look like. A bit of classic wainscoting or some shiplap, possibly? Bright, clean paint colours or a bold wallpaper with a ton of personality? Traditional cabinetry or a statement colour like blue or yellow? Rustic, contemporary, transitional or quirky – if you can dream it up, we can make it happen.

Say hello to your new mudroom

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