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Our Process

Thinking about working with the Kitchen and Bath Guys on your next home renovation project?

Here’s an inside look at our process from start to finish. We also recommend checking out our reviews on HomeStars to see what clients have said about us. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation and quote with our team, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Introduction and in-home consultation

When you call us to discuss a potential home renovation, we’ll start by asking some general questions about your goals, timeline and budget. This helps us both determine if it makes sense to meet in person to discuss your project in more detail. Next, we’ll visit your home to assess your vision in more detail. In addition to discussing function and aesthetics, we look at the engineering of the home and let you know how it may impact your plans—how the flooring has been laid or which walls are load-bearing, for example. Every home is different, so we get into the specifics in order to give you an accurate estimate.


Planning and budgeting

If you decide to move forward with your renovation plans, we’ll meet you at our designer showroom to get into the fun stuff. This includes designing a layout as well as looking at sample features and finishes. If you’re renovating your kitchen, we may choose cabinetry and flooring in order to price it out with installation. We’ll also ask questions about specific elements of the project—for example, are we painting the room(s) or would you prefer to hire a painter you’ve worked with on other projects? Are you looking for ways to save money or do you want all of the bells and whistles? Once we’ve nailed down your needs and wants, we can provide a personalized quote and detailed scope of work.


Permits, inspections and paperwork

This part is less exciting, but it’s incredibly important! Once we’ve offered a detailed contract and payment schedule, you’ll review and sign it. Next, our team will arrange for all of the necessary permits and inspections. It’s a lot of paperwork in some cases but don’t worry—we take care of it so you don’t have to. Once we have everything approved and ready to go, it’s demo time! Our team is dedicated to exceptional service that includes a safe, clean job site (it’s your home, after all) so we seal off the work area with zippered plastic, cover the floors and protect any other surfaces/objects in the area. We want working with us to be comfortable and safe for homeowners, so we clean up at the end of each day. We even protect your driveway as needed!


The good stuff

Next, we get going—this is an exciting part of the process because you’ll see your renovation coming together day after day. The specifics will depend on your project, but this is when the bulk of the work gets done. You’ll be kept in the loop every step of the way—clear communication is key, and we welcome your questions and feedback throughout the process.


Final touches

As your renovation comes to an end, we’ll walk through the space together and address any final tasks that need to be completed. It’s important to us that you’re happy and that every box is checked. Final inspections will be arranged by our team for your convenience. Near the end of your project, you’ll be given some additional options: for example, are you interested in duct cleaning or a deep clean of the house from one of our trusted partners? We’re able to schedule these services on your behalf.

Finally, if there are any issues after the completion of your renovation, we’ll return to assess and correct these issues as part of our aftercare commitment.

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Our skilled, personable team is dedicated to providing exceptional service, clear communication and results you’ll be thrilled with. Ready to get started? Please contact us.