Restaurants: we can build your new (or extended) patio!

Once it was announced that Ontario restaurants could build new and extended patios to help make up for the temporary loss of indoor dining areas, a surge of outdoor spaces were built across the province. This is great news for both restaurant owners and their loyal customers – we’re thrilled to see these restaurants open for business, and look forward to a few cold ones on a patio in the months to come!

As a small business that had to temporarily pause during the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand the challenges you’ve been through this year. As you adapt to current restrictions while trying to keep up with customer demand, we’re here to help. Let’s create an exceptional patio space for you and your customers to enjoy this summer. Here’s how we’re approaching this type of project.

Best practices for your restaurant patio

Even if your patio is designed to be temporary, it should be high quality, comfortable and appealing. No one wants to feel like they’re having a drink in a hot parking lot – and to get customers to return, you need the kind of comfort and ambience they’ve come to expect from your establishment. Start by using attractive wooden fencing to section off your new patio area. We don’t recommend metal chain link fences – instead, try something like redwood or cedar. Not only does it look and smell great, it provides a relaxed, summery vibe that many customers enjoy. We can add planter boxes for flowers or greenery and build in space for shade umbrellas or even fans. Shade and air movement is critical, especially given the hot summer we’re having, and cooling fans are an excellent upgrade.

Depending on your needs, we can create privacy walls, vertical spaces to hang branded signs, an outdoor bar or even permanent shade structures. Remember, the temperatures have been soaring so it’s best to avoid using metal chairs or other furniture that will heat up in the sun.

Invest in a patio that customers will want to visit all summer long

Our team would be pleased to offer a complimentary patio design consultation and provide some options within your budget. While your books may be tight at the moment, a high quality patio is an investment that’s well worth making. Your community is eager to get back to their local restaurants and enjoy a drink or a meal in a comfortable, inviting space, and a chain link fence around a few plastic tables simply isn’t going to cut it. Instead, let us help you design something that’s a valuable extension of your restaurant.

We are prioritizing projects like this in support of fellow small business owners here in Durham Region, and look forward to getting started on some incredible outdoor spaces. To learn more or to arrange a consultation, please call or text me (Vince) directly at 416-562-2387. Together, let’s get to work and make the most of this summer!