Should you renovate your home or move?

There’s a popular trend in television right now where homeowners have to decide whether to renovate a property or sell it. It’s a great concept for a show but for many of our clients, it’s also real life! Plenty of families come to us with the same dilemma: We love X and Y about our house or neighbourhood, but Z really isn’t working for us. What do we do?

The answer is different for everyone, but here are some guidelines to help you weigh your options. Remember – I’m a realtor AND a contractor, so I know what I’m talking about! We can discuss your needs, discuss several options and find a solution that works for your budget. At the end of the day, we just want you to have the best home possible – whether that’s a new one or the one you’re already in. 

Make a list of what you love – and what’s not working for you

It might be helpful to start by making a list of the things you love about your home, as well as a list of things you find frustrating. Is the neighbourhood ideal or something you’re not overly attached to? Do you feel good about the amount of space you have, or want more (or less)? Does it have the right number of bedrooms, and the kind of features that reflect your lifestyle? Is it aesthetically pleasing, and is it functional? Go through everything big and small, then identify your “deal breakers” for a home in order to help prioritize the list. (For example – a fourth bedroom or a home office.) 

Can a reno solve your problems?

Well, that depends on your home. If you need more storage solution, a better kitchen, upgraded bathrooms, an amazing home office or even an extra bedroom, a renovation might be right. However, there are limitations to every home – structural, small footage, zoning laws, etc – and limitations to every budget. This is why personalized advice is key.

We are experienced contractors with high standards for our work, so many home reno solutions come fairly easily to us. That said, some things simply do not work. If you’re dead set on having a pool but don’t have the backyard for it, that cannot be changed. If you want to add a laneway house or a basement suite for rental income but your neighbourhood isn’t zoned for it, that’s beyond our control. However, sometimes things aren’t as set in stone as one thinks. If you’re in love with your neighbourhood feel hesitant to leave, that’s tricky but manageable. We can show you comparable areas or suggest something nearby that would be an equally good (or even better) fit for your family. Keep your mind open and great things can happen!

Contact us for a free consultation

On reality shows, a realtor and a designer or contractor are usually shown battling it out, both of them convinced that their way is the “right” way for the homeowner in question. That’s not what you get when you work with us. It’s far more balanced and less dramatic because at the end of the day, there’s no competition – just careful consideration of your best interests. Thanks for reading and please, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.