Trend watch: creating a light-filled kitchen with no upper cabinets

At Kitchen and Bath Guys, we’re always on the lookout for new products and features as well as current trends. We like to offer our clients a variety of classic and high quality innovative options, so we stay informed and always have an eye out for emerging styles.

One thing we’ve noticed lately is an increased demand for kitchens that have large windows or statement backsplashes and minimal upper cabinetry. In some cases, these kitchens have no upper cabinets at all! There are a few different ways to approach this trend – here’s a few examples we love. We hope it inspires your next reno!

Why people love this look

There’s something really clean, modern and bright about a kitchen where the cabinetry is all tucked away. It leaves room for large, beautiful windows, a dramatic backsplash and/or open shelving. Even when darker colours are used, the feel is open and airy. Here’s an elegant take on the look.

You can go all the way and avoid upper cabinets completely, or try a combination look like in the image below. Essentially, one section of this kitchen has a lot of cabinetry, but the other is all window, giving the same bright, open appearance. It’s a good compromise.

Or, keep the main part of your kitchen open and bright with open shelving inside of upper cabinets, but include a sleek wall of millwork off to the side, like in the image below.

All of these are great looks. Our specific recommendations will depend on your style, the structure of your house and the function you need. After all, a beautiful kitchen is no good if it’s not functional for your family! We take all of this into consideration when designing and building your dream space.

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